Brian Brogan off his leash

Over the last several weeks, the MightyLeaks team has received many complaints about a Mr. Brian Brogan, currently employed with Los Alamos County. Below is a letter to the editor, submitted anonymously, with information about Mr. Brogan’s recently involvement in removing greenskeepers from Los Alamos County property.

Last week I was out at the golf course and I saw the greenskeeper moving out of one of the house located by #5 fairway. I assumed he was moving to a job at another golf course so I went over to wish him the best.

Come to find out, he wasn’t moving out because he got another job, instead he was moving out because the county kicked him out! They told him “the county doesn’t want to be in the landlord business anymore.” I’m really disgusted by this, he and his wife just had a baby so essentially the county’s response was “congratulations, now get the hell out.” How can anybody with a heart do this to someone else; especially here where housing is almost impossible to find, and above all to their own employee?

Those houses have been there for 60+ years and many greenskeepers have lived in them throughout the years to the benefit of both the county and its employees; they maintain the houses and property around them with their own money, on top of paying rent! Having those houses occupied insured security and deterred vandalism. He was able to respond to on course after hour emergencies, like leaks, downed trees, broken carts etc.

I asked him if he knew what they were going to use the houses for and he said “From what I understand, they are just going to use them for storage.” So essentially the county holds storage space at a higher priority then the well-being of their staff and the maintenance and safety of their facilities. If they treat their own employees like this how do you feel they feel about the general public? This is both stupid and embarrassing. Here they have a free security guard on site that keeps their buildings in good repair and they just kick him out?

Now we are going to have two dilapidated houses on the golf course that are just going to turn into eyesores! Or instead, if the county decides to maintain them then they are going to use OUR tax dollars for another stupid expense. I mean come on, you have a source of revenue for rent and a person there that will take care of your facilities, it’s a win win for the county. I just can’t understand how they can make such a terrible decision like this?! Or I guess I can because they seem to make a lot of stupid decisions.

Maybe it’s time to get someone new to run this county properly, because I for one, am fed up!

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