Can we ignore those we don’t agree with?

Joyce Brinton Anderson, ML Certified Loudmouth

Joyce Brinton Anderson, reachable via email at, hopes that public officials ignore voters that are critical of decisions made by those officials.

In her email, dated May 15, 2017, to the Los Alamos County Council:

Dear Councilors,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the work you do for our community. I know there have been several people...who have been highly critical of you all in the paper and online -- but I hope you're ignoring them!

I know you all work so hard for our community. You have done excellent work with putting together the Rec Bond and putting it up for a vote.

So, again, I just want to thank you for your time and efforts, and please continue with all you. You are appreciated!


Joyce Anderson and family

Rather than suggest that both sides of an argument be considered, Joyce hopes that these public officials ignore individuals that disagree. Is it right to ask that public officials ignore differing points of view?

“Email”. Los Alamos County Public Record, US. Retried by Freedom of Information Act Request 2017-05-21.

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