Carol Clark: a big fat liar?

Carol Clark, glorified blogger and owner of the self-proclaimed "Official Newspaper of Record"

Carol Clark falsely claims that her glorified blog is the “Official Newspaper of Record”.

She makes the claim under the legal notices section of her website. See here: Los Alamos Daily Post; “Los Alamos Daily Post is the Official Newspaper of Record for Los Alamos County”.


We did some digging. Carmela J. Salazar with Los Alamos County attests that “There is no formal agreement with La Daily Post. Every User Department was to create a PO with Terms and Conditions. To help you understand, I’ve attached Procurement’s PO. I’ve also attached an email I sent you and Julie Habiger earlier this year.”

We demand that Carol Clark immediately retract the false, misleading, and untruthful statements and make a public apology to the entire Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico community for her deplorable behavior.

You’re nothing more than a glorified blogger, and a liar at that. Take a hike.