Carol Clark conflicted?

Carol Clark, glorified blogger and owner of the self-proclaimed "Official Newspaper of Record"

Carol Clark publicly declares that she does not endorse candidates. She declares that does NOT publish letters to the editor that bash opponents:

The Los Alamos Daily Post letter policy for political candidates also has not changed. We welcome letters from supporters stating why they believe their candidate to be the best choice. We do not, however, publish letters that bash opponents. So, with just 39 days remaining until the Nov. 6 midterm elections, we encourage candidates and their supporters to remain calm and strive to avoid actions that mislead voters.

Here’s the original post from Carol Clark:

However, here’s a letter to the editor that bashes Republican candidate Lisa Shin. Written by James Nesmith and filled with vitriolic commentary, the letter shows the clear bias of Carol Clark:

I fail to understand why the Republican Party of Los Alamos has not repudiated and disavowed Lisa Shin’s candidacy for State House District 43. Her campaign employs some of the most vitriolic, hateful, unethical, shameful, misleading, disgraceful and immoral tactics that I’ve seen in my 72 years.

Her false statements, her misleading and phony “Los Alamos Post” newspaper mailer as well as her most recent mailer (a nearly classic example of morally contaminated and corrupt political chicanery), her lack of knowledge of veteran affairs, her total lack of compassion for immigrants, or for that matter, anyone who is challenged in any way, and her lack of understanding of education issues clearly make her unqualified for public office.

By remaining silent and failing to repudiate and disavow Lisa Shin, the Republican Party is, in effect, sanctioning her actions and her tactics. By so doing, their credibility as a viable party is being shattered. They are being torn asunder by the morally and ethically bankrupt elements in their midst that preach hate and division.

Read the entirety of Nesmith’s bullshit:

Behold the hypocrisy.