Christine Chandler’s “real” history: impropriety and silencing voters?

House District 43 Candidate Christine Chandler makes an appearance at court regarding the Los Alamos County Sheriff

By Jill McLaughlin, Los Alamos Monitor.

Christine Chandler was mentioned in a March 12, 2003 hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. The report, called “Investigation of Management Problems at Los Alamos National Laboratory,” mentions Christine Chandler in a prepared statement of Glenn A. Walp, a consultant for the Office of the President of the University of California.

At the time, Christine Chandler was an employee of Frank Dickson.

Walp states: “Ms. Chris Chandler, an employee of Dickson, attempted to forcefully secure confidential FBI investigative notes from me, through verbal intimidation; she was refused access to the notes. During the discourse, she stated that she did not care about anyone’s constitutional rights or the successful prosecution of an FBI investigation. If Chandler would have obtained these notes, it could have jeopardized multiple OSI/FBI investigations.”

Christine Chandler said Thursday she remembered the report, but that it was not true.

“It’s just not a true statement,” she said. “And as you probably know, nothing ever came of it. Meaning, if I had done something improper, something would have happened, right? And then, several lab managers were fired during that period of time, or encouraged to leave the laboratory.”

Christine Chandler said she was promoted to group leader at some point following the investigation, and retained her position for 10 years, or so.

“So, I guess if anyone had thought there was any impropriety on my part that promotion would not have occurred or been sustained,” Christine Chandler said.

In their private time, the Chandlers sued the Los Alamos County Council in 2010, causing a several-month delay of the new county municipal building. At a Dec. 21, 2010, meeting, County Council voted 5-2 to settle the suit that called for an injunction and declaratory judgment in relation to a citizen petition that called for voters to decide whether the county should build a new municipal space or reconstruct a replica of the original at Ashley Pond.

“We prevailed in that case,” Chandler said. “We had a sound legal position in that case.”

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