Continuation of the RCLC debacle: investigation report of Adams + Crow

House District 43 Candidate Christine Chandler makes an appearance at court regarding the Los Alamos County Sheriff

We couldn’t easily find the investigative report of Adams + Crow into the allegations of misspending by the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities board, including Andrea Romero and Christine Chandler.

So… we got the entire report and are publishing the report for your perusal. Obtained via IPRA request, please find the full, unedited, un-redacted report here:

Adams + Crow Investigation Report

Of note, Christine Chandler is now acknowledged as being directly involved in the misspending. See the report notes, specifically surrounding expenses on January 11, 2018 and the Delancey Street Foundation Board Dinner.

I wish I had $782 to spend on a single dinner…. I’m jealous, Christine!

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