Explosion in IPRA

Los Alamos County Councilor Mary Susan O'Leary

Recently disclosed documents in the Patrick Brenner v. Los Alamos County, Susan O’Leary, James Chrobocinski et al. IPRA case reveal some interesting new developments.

According to the documents, Susan O’Leary, through her attorney Kate Ferlic of the Egolf + Ferlic + Martinez + Harwood law firm, prepared a Vaughn Index, which serves as a summary of records for a particular time period, including sender, receiver, subject, date and time, and abridged contents on the emails.

A Vaughn index can be particularly useful in public records requests and litigation arising from situations where requests are denied. They are especially useful when the attorney doesn’t redact properly.

The Vaughn Index was apparently not prepared thoroughly. The original PDF document was meant to have been redacted, but Patrick Brenner’s counsel, Blair Dunn, recently distributed un-redacted versions of this document, revealing that Judge Schaffer’s order from late 2018 may not have been fair.

In a particular record recorded in this Vaughn index is clear evidence that James Chrobocinski and Susan O’Leary were sending emails between each other and other members of the Los Alamos Future PAC. Dunn noted that they will be filing a motion to reconsider Judge Schaffer’s order.

What was Judge Schaffer trying to hide? Who was Judge Schaffer trying to protect?

Additionally, Dunn’s office sent notice that the New Mexico Municipal League through their contact Glenda Sanchez had discussed a settlement with the plaintiffs, offering $20,000 in attorney’s fees and $15,000 in statutory damages. This does not include the defense fees, billed through Tony Ortiz and his firm, Ortiz and Zamora. The New Mexico Municipal League withdrew their settlement offer, spurring the disclosure of the Vaughn Index.

Among all the latest developments in this case so far, which include Ortiz requesting 20 years of Brenner’s employment history and 10 years of Brenner’s tax returns, we find the most interesting to be that Susan O’Leary orders regularly from Neiman Marcus. Talk about airing your dirty laundry!

Seriously Los Alamos. How stupid can you get?

Will Susan O’Leary sue her attorney, Kate Ferlic, for such a grievous error?

This Vaughn Index seems to reveal that it was O’Leary that disseminated Brenner’s critical email to Carol Clark at the Los Alamos Daily Post. Clark had originally denied any involvement, but this new evidence seems damming.

According to several trusted Mighty Leaks sources, who shall remain anonymous (don’t even try, we redact properly), Susan and Tim O’Leary have sold their home in Los Alamos. The sale was finalized in February of 2019, according to Zillow. Where did they go? Too ashamed to show your face around town?

Here’s the un-redacted Vaughn Index. Enjoy!