Mark Cedar Love-Williamson: a “conspiracy-laden dumpster fire”.

Mark Cedar Love-Williamson, soon-to-be former-President of the Central New Mexico Employees Union.

Mark Cedar Love-Williamson is President of the Central N.M. Employees Union and the author of an inflammatory, deceitful, and ugly opinion piece that recently found it’s place in the Albuquerque Journal.

Then, on Monday, the Journal ran a conspiracy-laden dumpster fire from the New Mexico Restaurant Association about a “national political agenda” by unnamed actors that will “chase jobs and businesses out of the city.” After crying about unfair play on the part of the County Commission, the article paints a picture of doom for small businesses and the tentacles of corporations taking over.

Mark Cedar Love-Williamson, President of the Central N.M. Employees Union

Mark is obviously a socialist lunatic. He wants all businesses of all sizes to pay every employee for any second that they decide to take a smoke break. If Mark had his way, we’d all be working for the glory of the motherland. I salute you, comrade.

Seriously, though. With ugly, nasty rhetoric like this, he gives the Central N.M. Employees Union a bad name. Maybe Central New Mexico Community College should look into letting him go? Permanent sick leave. Whatever.

Mark, we sincerely hope that you proofread and tone down that rhetoric. You’re not going to convince anyone when you start shouting about your alleged conspiracy theories. Take a chill pill, champ.

While we’re ranting about comrade Mark, we figured we’d touch on the state of the Sick Leave Mandate turned Paid Time Off Mandate turned weird dark government conspiracy to scare away small business.

Crazed Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins is hiding public record and refuses to turn it over. It’s going to end up costing the taxpayers loads of money. Not cool, comrade Maggie!